Thursday, August 6, 2009

Picture of the week: Dubai

So the pictures of the week showcase the coolest place in the world.......Dubai!

Besides being once of the fastest growing places in the world, they are also building things that few have dreamed about, including an underwater hotel, and developments that comprise of man made islands in the shape of palm trees and the world.

They also have the only 7 Star hotel in the world.

I wonder what they do for you in a 7 Star hotel.

I have also attached a link with video feed that you need to check out. Once you see the videos, of what they are daring to do in Dubai, you like me will want to move there.

I would love to work for the company building these crazy developments out in the ocean. I have also attached a link to there company's web page. Go to it and click on the video introductions and you will be blown away.

Well, have an awesome weekend and see you next week on the Quirky Contractor.

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  1. Funny you should think this...Kelly was in Dubai for business and he actually called me and told me we needed to move there. So, the question is, if we move THERE will you come visit?!?